Monday, March 2, 2009

So Blessed

Today I was reminded how truly blessed I am. I was having one of those days….Madelyn would just *not* sleep – and she didn’t sleep well last night, so I was exhausted to tears. Jim volunteered to take her, but he works nights and he drives a semi. The last thing I need is my beloved driving off the road because I couldn’t hack being a mom.

But I was tiiiiired and wondering what the heck I’d gotten myself in to and how I ended up being such a crummy mom that I couldn’t get my baby to sleep.

Now, I know you’ll say I’m not a crummy mom – at least I hope you will!!! – but sometimes the heart takes over the head and you’re just convinced that you should know how to take care of your child. People have been telling you that you’re a natural for years – so why can’t you get a grip on things?!?!

Then my sister in law Jeni. And she was exactly what I needed. She invited me over to visit with her friend Rachel ( who taught me a better way to use my Moby wrap – and lo and behold….MADELYN SLEPT!!!!!!!

And I realized that I forget the loving support system I have around me…that all I have to do is ask for help and it’s there.

And Jeni rocks my world. She’s a great mom and a great friend and if anyone is watching my child and it’s not me, I’m glad it’s her.

I love you Jeni – thank you for calling to today. You were my blessing in disguise.
And thank you've given me a bit of hope that maybe I can get this Moby thing down!


Rachel 'The housewife' said...

We all feel that sazme way Heather. Glad that I could help you figure that wrap out. I hope she loves it and you guys both get some rest!