Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fantastic Idea!

I'm on a local parenting board - I found this group of gals when I was planning my wedding. We planned our weddings together via the local wedding chat board and now are having babies together and keep in contact via the local parenting board. They're a wonderful reason and several have become life long friends.

One of the moms had a FANTASTIC idea! Instead of doing the iron on transfers that so many moms do for monthly photo ops, she does stickers! Talk about easy peasy! Instead of having to buy 12 separate onsies and ironing on the transfer, you simply take the stickers and apply to whichever onsies you want! That's so key for me right now. I have so little time, it seems, to simply put the thing on real quick before the photo instead of dragging out the iron is really key to me. And I don't mind saving money in having to buy 12 different onsies.

I have some for Maddy and I love them! You may have noticed them in her two month love letter. They're sooooo easy! And, the photos we're getting are so much fun. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to do monthly photo ops or as a shower gift.

And a shot of my precious in her two month onsie: