Thursday, March 5, 2009

Got Art?

Today was Madelyn's first adventure into the world of culture. She, along with her Grandma Marilyn, and my friend Jennifer and her son Holden ventured down to the Seattle Art Museum. Jennifer and I met on the local parenting/pregnancy chat board I frequent and happened to be due one day apart (she on the 19th and I on the 20th). Unfortunately for Jennifer, Madelyn came a few days early and Holden decided to hold out (sorry - I couldn't resist the play on words) for several days, so they're a week apart. Aparently Madelyn likes younger men. First Ryan, now Holden.

We started our day at The Olive Garden to partake in the Soup, Breadsticks, and Salad lunch. I do love me some Olive Garden Breadsticks...which I found were the easiest to eat because Madelyn was up the entire time and wanting her bottle. Holden, on the other slept like, well, a baby! I also had my first adventure in public restroom changing tables, which I'm proud to say I handled without any major mishaps. The baby did not fall off the table into the toilet and I managed to get her changed.

We then met up at the museum. Holden and Madelyn weren't much interested in the exhibits....except for this one. They both seemed rather fussy and in need of a bottle when they got a look at this one.

Jennifer and I agreed that this lady had obviously recently spent time with a Medela Pump In Style breast pump because they can't naturally look like that.

The SAM has several displays that are always there - and we were able to snap another picture of the babies getting a little culture while the docents weren't looking (we'd actually been caught the second time we tried to take a picture and asked not too....too bad we don't mind the rules and did it again when they weren't looking). Again, the kids didn't seem too interested in the art, but we thought it was worth commemorating.

For those that are history buffs, the musuem currently has a fairly cool special exhibit through the end of May; Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Hapiness featuring art from the Yale University Art Gallery. There were some pretty special pieces, including the original piece that is etched on the back of a two dollar bill.
Another great thing about the SAM - the first Thursday of every month is I'll be paying attention to upcoming exhibits and try to catch them on first Thursday. Madelyn ain't done getting cultured yet ;)