Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year post in the month of December.  My head apparently wasn't in the blogging game!

So - let me give you the highlights of December:

  • Madelyn is not just walking, she's running.
  • She is not so into being spoon fed anymore. but doesn't have enough teeth to chew.  This makes for some interesting dinner times.
  • She's very independent, unless Auntie Jenni or Mama are around...then she wants to be HELD.  That is unless we're changing her clothes or her diaper - then it's a no go.
  • She is starting to put together that Mamamamama is me and Dadadadadadada is Jim - but she hasn't yet put it together that it's just Mama and Daddy.
  • She loves to DANCE (thank GOD....with her father's blood running in her, I was worried....damn non-dancer.  My next husband is going to be a dancer.  And I only say this because I tell Jim when he kicks the bucket I'm marrying an cat loving, liberal, chef who loves to dance.  I really shouldn't tempt fate with comments like that...I am so blessed with such a wonderful husband.  If his worst fault is that he doesn't like to dance, I'm doing okay.).
  • She's down to one long nap a day, most days.  If she naps, it's a wonderful day.  If she doesn't nap...well...notsomuch.
  • Despite the waterfall of water coming out of the child's mouth all day long, she still only has two teeth.
  • I was able to be off with her for three weeks - and that was a blessing and a curse, because I'm dealing with major MWS (Madelyn Withdrawl Syndrome) and MTOSD (Madelyn Turns One Soon Disease) issues.
  • She points at EVERYTHING and won't stop until I tell her what it is.
  • She had her first sleep over with Cousin Sydney.
  • She got dressed up and went to work for the first time. was a baby Christmas party....but she looked professional, by damn.
  • She met a kitty cat bigger than George at my Chiropractor's office.  No one was injured in the taking of these photos, for what it's worth.
  • She loves to look at pictures and is starting to point people out, thus asking their names over and over again.
  • I had my first Christmas in the last three years that I wasn't sick, pregnant or sick of being pregnant.
  • Jim was on a wonderful route that spoiled us rotten because he was home before Madelyn got up and didn't have to leave again until my bedtime.  This month isn't panning out to be the same, unfortunately.
  • Madelyn started blowing kisses, even if she has no idea what she's doing.
  • Madelyn made it to midnight on New Year's Eve.  Her grandparents did not.  My how times change.
  • Jordan turned 20.  Let me say that one again.  Jordan turned 20.  Holy CRAP.  I am the step-monster to a 20 year old.  When did *I* leave my 20s?!?!?
  • We cheered BSU on to a BCS bowl victory over TCU.  Okay, we weren't in Arizona, but I bet they could hear Madelyn and I from the stadium.  Take THAT stupid BCS.  NCAA Football playoff system, anyone?  And yes, if my daughter gets to watch TV, it's either Rockford (blame her father for that one) or college ball.
Other than that, what can I say?  I'm in love with my daughter, I'm in love with my husband and more days than not, I'm in love with my life.  What more can one ask for?  Okay, I know...I could make a long list too...but I'll take what I got unless you have a winning Powerball ticket laying around you want to send my direction.

Now....if I could just get over the fact that my daughter is turning one in a week.....

On another note - the county has decided to put a water wall surrounding our entire neighborhood, thus separating us from the River.  Hallelujah!!!  Never say never...but it looks like this year won't be the year we flood.

I've updated our Shutterfly Site with tons of cute shots - but here are just a few teasers....