Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gigi and Papa

My dad and step mom ("Papa and Gigi") spent the weekend with us this last weekend. They are absolutely in love with "Papa's pretty princess" and there is nothing more precious than watching your parents love on your child.

Saturday, while they were here, we took Maddy for her first outing to the Sound. We visited Redondo Beach and took a walk along the boardwalk. The day was perfect for it - sunny and brisk! If only all winter days were like this.

Saturday night we went to dinner at Kent Station while Mommy tried not to look like a first time Mommy and relax and just eat her dinner (easier said than done). Seems that Mommy is easy to stress out when her baby cries. Maddy was a little gem though, crying very little.

Monday, Maddy and Mommy dropped off Gigi and Papa at the airport and then went on a little shopping excursion. Mommy needed to return some clothing and pick herself up some decent sweats. And....Maddy taught her a lesson! We were out a little long, which required me to feed her (in the Lane Bryant dressing room....). She decided to make me a little package and boy howdy - it was a total blowout. We're talking poop up the back and everything - and I had NOTHING to change her into. Bad Mommy - no clothing change! Lesson learned! The only sad note about the blow out is that I think we need to move up diaper sizes - she's starting to blow out her diaper every time it's poopy. Moving her out of newborn diapers makes me so sad :( My baby is growing up.

Jim went back to work on Monday. Thus far it hasn't been that bad as he has only worked two days. Things are really slow for him right now and he's only picking up 3 - 4 shifts a week. It's nice to have him home - but always the worry wart, I worry about not having money coming in from at least one of us now that his STD is up. Ahh well...we'll make it :)

We also had a *very* important visitor last week....Maddy's boyfriend, Ryan MacDonald! My dear friend Kim had her precious little one two days after Maddy was born. It's fate....they're meant to be together. Nevermind that Maddy threw up on him while they were taking pictures together (notice her very innocent look when Ryan is crying.....poor guy, the first time on a couch with a girl and he ends up crying). The throwing up part? That's a sign of affection. Really.

Lastly, I've taken some pictures of Madelyn's latest accomplishments. She's decided she can hold her own bottle. That or Daddy was faking it. I'm not sure. She's also doing very well in her tummy time adventures.

And...the cutest thing she does as of late....when we unwrap her from her swaddle, she'll throw her arms up and stretch. She shoots...she SCORES!

As always....a complete collection of the pictures can be found on our Shutterfly site:


Anonymous said...

She is a doll!

Karl Rubis said...

Fantastic pics!!!