Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Toys

Miss M continues to learn more and more every day. She's been getting pretty good with her hands, which is always so fun for us to watch. Everything she does is fun for us to watch, but when she starts to act more and more like a person and less like a newborn, it's pretty amazing. Especially considering she's only been here for 14 weeks!

One day last week, I caught her being enthralled with the toys on her bouncer chair. She's stared at them previously, so I knew she knew they were there, but this was the first time I caught her reaching for them!

Of course, I had to get a closer shot of her....and by this time, she knew I was watching her and wasn't as calm. Apparently she does not perform on demand.

She's also started chewing on her rings. I don't think she's teething just yet - at least she isn't acting like it. She's chewing and drooling, but there's no fever and peevishness, nor do I feel anything in her mouth.

The most exciting new toy is Maddy's new jumper. She absolutely loves to stand on her feet. In fact, she gets pretty peeved at me when I get tired of standing her on her feet and want to sit her down or lay her down. She wants to stand, darn it! So, when we put her in her jumper, she just loves it! She can kick and stand, her two favorite things!!

She's pretty sensitive to light, I'm not the only one to notice this (so it's not just me being over protective Mommy) - so we got her a set of sunglasses. They adjust to her head, but even on the smallest setting, the band is still a wee bit too big. But that won't be for long.

And....all the playing wears a baby out and she's got to nap on Dad's lap.