Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday's Ten

1. Today is my husband's birthday. I adore him so much - what a beautiful day to celebrate his existance.

2. I'm having an U/S today - I can't wait to see Maddy again!!! I hope she's filled out more and we get a good face shot.

3. The only disapointment I've had thus far with this pregnancy is that I can't feel her kick on the outside of me yet. It's a silly worry - but I worry that because I was heavy to begin with, I never will feel it on the outside - and that means Jim won't get to either.

4. I had gooooood Korean food at a party my girlfriend had last weekend. And OMG - it's been TOO long. I seriously could have eaten the entire tray of Chop Chay. I even looked to see if I had the recipe in my Korean cookbook I've never used. I might have to try my hand at making some (minus the mushrooms for my DH).

5. I *hate* it when I take my wedding ring off (when I'm working on a project that's nasty) and then forget to put it back on before I go to work. A. I *adore* that physical link to my wedding day and B. I feel naked without it.

6. I cry when I break a nail. It is such hard work for me to keep them long, naturally.

7. I have a REALLY BIG SECRET about a family member and I can't wait till the news breaks so I can share it publically.

8. I miss my little sister alot - and that's new for us - and it feels good, but doesn't make me feel any better for the missing part.

9. I'm nervous for that time, after Maddy is born, when Jim goes back to work and my Mom is gone, that I will be a basket case. I hope I'm able to take a shower every day and look decent.

10. This financial meltdown our country is in scares me. Big time. I do not do well with financial insecurity.... But it makes me feel so much better to know that no matter what happens, if we had to sell our house and move into a smaller one, if we had to do whatever, that I'd have my husband with me to weather the storm.


DeborahSW said...

Aw, I love your Tuesdays.. maybe I should start doing this, although I'm not sure I have 10 new things to talk about every week! :)~

And I have faith that you'll feel the little spud from the outside. Have you tried laying on your back and having Jim put his hand on your belly when Maddy's especially active? That's probably the best position I would think. It'll happen!!

Jaime said...


I agree with the back position...it always worked for me to lay on my side as well. I would place Dave's hand on the underside of my belly ... that worked for him...don't you worry though as soon as Miss Maddy runs out of room...she will let you know and there is no missing that!

oh and I miss you too! shhh don't tell anyone though :)