Thursday, September 4, 2008

Me Tarzan...

For the first trimester of my pregnancy (and then some...really), my best "go to" food were bananas. I knew they wouldn't make me sick and they'd be easy my stomach. They were my cure all, really, as they were the only thing I could eat some days.
So much so, that my family joked I was having a monkey, not a baby. Imagine my sigh of relief at the 11 week ultrasound where there was definately a human shape in there, not a blob or a primate.
So...that having been said, the baby size comparison for this 20th week had me laughing....

Your baby has grown as big as a banana. (Length: about 6 1/2 inches from head to bottom, and 10 inches from head to heel.)

Those measurements sound a little bit smaller than what our doctor told us at the 18 week appointment. She said Madelyn was about 10 inches head to heel I think we've got a tall baby on our hands!

In other news....I went shopping last night. The Carter's Outlet by our house was having a HUGE 50 - 70% off sale - so I just had to go!!! I think I was fairly restrained - I bought two newborn sleeper outfits, a couple of 3 - 6 month sleeper outfits, a couple of 6 - 9 month outfits, and a couple of 9 - 12 month outfits - all for sixty dollars!!!!!

I also *had* to peek my head into Gymboree - and as luck would have it, they were ALSO having a 50% off sale. I bought the CUTEST mini skirt with matching leggings and two different coordinating tops (one an adorable pink sweater to wear over a onsie and one SUPER adorable pink vest with brown cordoroy trim)....I just couldn't pass it up. And as my friend Deborah said, "really, this is part of the fun of being a first time mom!". I couldn't agree more!! ;)

And, I just have to let my husband (though he never reads my blog...) know how much I love him :) As you may or may not have heard, he's torn his rotator cuff in the exact same spot again and will have to have surgery. Our consult with his surgeon to schedule is on September 11th. So, we're starting to cut out some of the extraneous (read: not baby related) expenses in our lives, including our house cleaner. Selfishly, I'm bummed. It's nice to come home to a house that has been cleaned all at once, without my help. My mister, understandably, won't be able to help once he's had the I'll be pregnant, having to take on the cleaning, and the chores he normally does. However, ya do what ya gotta for now, it's ixnay on the ousecleanerhay.

I think the mister was feeling a little sorry for me, because when I came home last night....he'd cleaned the bathrooms AND unloaded the dishwasher...what a guy! Of course, he told me that I owed him $100 bucks....but I reminded him that if I'd gotten paid for every time I'd cleaned the entire house, he might not like the total ;)

At any rate - it was a very sweet thing to do and I love him for it...among other reasons I'm keeping him around ;)

And finally - the bow fascination continues - though I've cut down significantly. I did check my growing collection to make sure I had a bow to match each outfit I bought last night (despite my best friend Sue's contention that my child will need therapy....). Yes, I saw that Miss Sue-z-que Malou....and I'm going to make EXTRA sure she's always wearing a HUGE bow when you're around. And I love you anway right back. :P

And really...if the only thing my child can complain about in her adult therapy sessions (because you know we all go at so point) in her relationship with her mother is that I put too many bows on her during her infancy, then I've done damn good.


Rebecca Jeanne... said...

Sue thinks the bows are what will necessitate therapy?!?! *muah* Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Did ya see the size of those things. Poor Maddy won't even be able to hold up her head they're so dang huge. She'll grow up with cervical spine problems & won't be able to walk & that's why she'll need therapy. She's doomed........... Jim needs to assert his manly authority & put a stop to this right now! Sue

DeborahSW said...

I'm laughing about the comment from "Anonymous" - I assume that's Sue? Anywoo, ginormous head bows might be a good thing, and could result in head control a lot earlier. It's the new tummy time!

I told Jeremy how you were nervous about buying things and that I'd told you to have fun and if you love something, buy it, and he totally agreed. This is your first baby, I say enjoy it! :)

Jaime said...

nice background!