Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cranium Craze

For me...it's all about the bows.

I take that back.

If I'm being honest, it's *really* all about anything baby. But my primary (notice I said primary - I am currently obsessed by all things baby...you name it, I'm researching/thinking about it) obsession this last week was headbands and bows for out little spudette.

Would you really expect anything less from a woman who owns three honest to God, didn't buy them at a thrift shop for Halloween but actually wore them for a purpose, tiaras?

If you tell me you did, I'd call you a liar. Nicely, of course ;)

My friend Kim turned me to ebaying for headbands - and she created a monster. Well, I shouldn't blame that on her. I was a monster in waiting - she just pointed me toward my outlet (and probably saved my husband money because heaven knows I wouldn't have been able to pass them by in the overpriced baby shops).

My husband's response the first time he saw one of the bows? "Ummm, honey? I think you should run all clothing choices past me before buying them. I don't want our kid to look like an idiot." I just had to laugh. I didn't point out that he relies on me to pick out all of his clothing and thinks, rightly so, that he's quite fashionable. What does he know about baby girl fashions anyway, really? ;)

I think I'm done for the time being - I really need to see some of her outfits before I continue buying - and since I haven't really started clothing shopping for her (I'm sort of waiting till after the shower for that...), I guess I'll have to put off buying any more bows.

Ah well...on to the next obession.

Here is the collection thus far:


Anonymous said...

some of those things are bigger than the kid's head, fer cryin out loud. Seriously, are these things really necessary? your child is going to be decked out in pink--does she really need one of these? I agree with Jim--let's give him vetopower on this one, please, or your child will need lifelong therapy. I love you anyway.............. Sue

DeborahSW said...

Welcome to the dark side... :)

Martha J. Hutchinson said...

Girl! Love it!!! If you need more, you just let me know. Utah is THE baby headband capitol of the world. ha ha ha You should check out this local website (peekaboophotos.com). Cute pics of babies with big ol' flowers and such on their heads.


Jaime said...

oh sister, i had no idea...my colllection is HUGE and my husband too thinks they are silly too silly....get them on while they don't have a choice, cause when their hands start working they come off!!

Jaime said...

michaels or any craft store...buy the flowers... knee high and tights work great for headband bases and last but not least always place a nice big flower on the kids beanie...