Thursday, October 2, 2008

Juice Me

The jones for the juice continues..... All I can think about is Jamba. And I've been trying others, to see if it's just the Jamba that works or it's any smoothie. So for, Jamba wins out.

I tried a "smoothie" from Jack in the Box. BLEH - unless you like super sweet Orange Juiliuses (and I don't). I tried one from Red Robin - and it was "okay" - but no Jamba. I even made one at home...and it was gooood, but it wasn't a Jamba.
I want my Jamba.

In other sooner than I posted I was afraid I wouldn't feel her kick on the outside, Maddy came through, on Daddy's birthday, nonetheless. Unfortunately, Daddy was passed out on the couch (he wasn't feeling well) and thus missed Maddy's little birthday present. Oh at least gives me hope that we'll get there and he will be able to feel them.

It was pretty cool though...I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But on to my MOST EXCITING FAMILY NEWS!!! My sister in law is pregnant again!!! I'm so excited, I just can't stand it! I'd been really excited that Maddy and her little cousin Kaycee would be so close in age. Kaycee will turn a year old in November, so she'd be a little over a year older than Maddy. Kaycee's mom and dad (my brother and sister in law) thought they'd through caution to the wind, expecting that it'd take 8 or 9 months like it did last time.....but life had other plans for them and they're pregnant their first month!! We're expecting another little cousin for Maddy sometime in May/June. Now that's close in age!!!! Yipeeeee!! I'm not so secretly hoping it's another girl so all the little girls can play together :) :)

And finally, just because I have to brag on them a bit....ESPN showed the BSU Broncos in our cable market last night....and I got to watch them spank LA Tech. Yes, the same Broncos who spanked Oklamhoma in that now famous Fiesta Bowl game. The same Broncos that spanked Oregon last weekend.

Why do I go on, you ask? My husband and I have an outstanding debate in our house. I personally think BSU should be invited to join the Pac-10 - they're ready - and there is no way to get better than to enter a better conference and play tough schools. Jim always teases me that they have no business in the Pac-10, that it'd be a joke (I think he plays it up just to get me heated up). WELL...MISTER DOUBTER....being that the current Pac-10 teams include a team holding OPEN TRY OUTS in the middle of the season for a Quarterback and another team who's roster is so injured and is doing so badly that there's talk of firing the coach due to their losing record, I think BSU could hold their own...


Martha J. Hutchinson said...

Go Orange
Go Big Blue
Fight, Fight BSU!

Cobe Jack Cheese is a HUGE BSU fan.

Rebecca Jeanne... said...

Way to go Maddy! Too bad Daddy missed it.

That is my dream with my BIL & SIL. I'd love for us to be pregnant around the same time and have our kids grow up together. :D

DeborahSW said...

Yay for Maddy! She's gonna be a little soccor player yet! ;)