Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Road Warriors

Forget the fact that we have an 18 year old (step) daughter, forget the fact that we have a baby on the way, a mortgage, jobs, financial responsibilities, vehicles, and are never, ever carded. It's now official, my husband and I are card carrying adults. We own a camper trailer.

I knew when I married my husband that the majority of our vacations would revolve around windsurfing. I also knew that he'd give in, here and there, and allow for vacations elsewhere. But our summer weekends and summer vacations are about the Gorge. And that's okay - I've come to love Hood River. It's now my second home and I fully envision us retiring there one day.

It reminds me of when I was a child. My Dad and Stepmom took us to Lincoln City, Oregon almost every summer. And I loved that. To this day, memories of those trips are precious to me and I feel intimately connected to that town. I know the restaurants, the shops, the sites to see...and I fully expect to take my children there one day. But my children's "Lincoln City" is going to be Hood River. They'll know the hikes, the waterfalls, the river, the town...and fall in love with it the way that my husband and I have.

Hopefully, they'll learn to windsurf from a very early age. I was never a particularly athletic child. My parents never pushed me toward it, so I'm not a very athletic adult. Learning skills like golf, skiing, windsurfing is hard for me. I have an inate fear of hurting myself, lack of basic coordination, and I am just plain ole out of shape. This isn't to say I don't keep trying...but I like the sports that require less coordination - like hiking. I love to hike. Even with that, I'm out of shape, but I sure will give it my best!

At anyrate, I digress (me...digress? never!) whole point of this post was to show off our new camper trailer. When my husband and I were in Texas one spring, we were tent camping along side windsurfers who all (or at least the majority) had camper trailers or motorhomes. I told him then, when we have children, I'm not tent camping anymore...unless it's for a weekend. I want a camper trailer!

Each summer since, as we've spent our extended vacations at the Gorge, I was happy to do it in a tent....always with the understanding that when babies started coming, I wanted a camper trailer. Tent camping is hard work for the girl....washing dishes in a tub you had to haul to running water...trying to keep your equipment out of the dust or dirt...trying to keep the tent's a lot of work. And I enjoy it for a couple of days. But for two weeks at a time? While you're trying to change diapers and keep baby clean? Not so much.

Thus, when my husband and I realized that next summer we would have a small infant with us, the search for a camper trailer began. I didn't really expect to find one this summer, but when my in-laws offered to share the cost of the trailer with us so that my father in law could use it hunting this winter, we decided to make it a more serious search.

Luckily for me...that happened just in time for the vacation we're leaving on this Saturday. No more camping in a tent for me, as of yesterday, we're the proud owners of this:

Mi casa es su casa

View to the back of the trailer

View to the front

The Master Bedroom

Our guest quarters

I think camping in Hood River just a got a whole lot more enjoyable!


Afton said...

Cool.... I too love to go on travel trips with my husband during vacations.

Tami said...

Sweet Trailer!! Now you have to pick out a name... "Gertrude, Bessy, Ol'Comealong," etc...

Anonymous said...

Sexy Camper! Have you broken it in???