Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oral Explosion

Boy....when my girl decides to do something, she does it!

Tonight she really started talking up a storm!

She said:

bye bye

All for the first time that I've ever recognized!  And we all know that it doesn't count unless Mama says it counts.

Bye Bye
When we were leaving my Sister in Law's house, Jenni and I kept saying, "bye bye" in an attempt to get her to wave.  As Mads and I walked down the porch, she said, almost in a whisper, "bye bye".  I went running back to Jenni's to tell her that she'd said "bye bye".  We tried it again...and of course she didn't say it until Jeni was out of ear-shot.  Then, in the car, she starts screamin at the top of her little lungs, "bye! bye! bye!"

Once we were home, she started playing her ball.  It rolled away from her and I asked her "where's your ball?"  And she pointed at it and said, "ball!"

Every night when I'm getting Madelyn ready for bed, we look at her "Who Loves Baby Book".  It's a plastic book that has pictures of my family inserted in it so that she can learn to recongize their faces, even though she doesn't see them as often.  She started paging through it tonight while we were putting on her jammies and while she was on a picture of my sister Bree, I said, "where's Papa (my Dad)"?  Sure enough if she didn't page through the book and find a picture of my Dad and say "Papa, Papa".  I tried it again, turned to my brother Drew's picture and asked her "Where's Papa?"  She did the same darned thing.

We're on our way now.... walking, talking little Miss!  Next thing you know, she'll be reading and writing!