Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Sissy!

It's hard to believe it's been 8 months since we've seen Jordan....time flies when you're busy raising a toddler!  Big sister came home this weekend, one of her best friends (also named Jordan...go figure!), is moving in with Jordan and her boyfriend in Florida.

What an exiting time for be young, with your whole life ahead of you and a world of opportunities.  They're excited and it's fun to watch them be excited and remember those first years of young adulthood....the sense of adventure and freedom.

So - Jordan and Jordan are heading out this morning, driving cross country to Florida (all in one drive, because at 20, neither of them can rent a hotel room.  They can get married, have babies and be drafted for war....but don't let them rent a hotel room!).  What an adventure!

On Saturday, we had the family over to see Jordan and spend time together.  Madelyn was too busy running around like a chicken, following her big cousins round and round and round the pool table (literally....we had a stream of children playing chase around the pool table....Madelyn didn't get the "tag, you're it part", but she did get the "chase" part and she thought it was great fun), to really make much notice of Jordan.  Jordan was notice worthy, however.  She just keeps getting more and more beautiful - as if that's even possible.

We're so proud of her - she's working so hard, doing well in school and just got a promotion at work.  Smart, smart kid, but we've always believed that of her :)

We have pictures - but they'll have to wait since they're still in the camera.  I know I've said that alot lately....but we've had some busy times in our house.  We're catching the moments, just not having the time to upload them.

We have a good reason for being busy - we're busy cleaning out our spare bedroom for a new house guest.  My mom is moving to Washington!  We're all so excited, we just can't stand it.  Okay, Madelyn doesn't really understand what's going on, but she sure does love running around Nana's now empty room.  Mom has talked about moving in the past and the timing was just right for her to make the move.  So, she'll be staying with us until she figures out where she wants to live.  I think it's going to be fantastic to have Mom be able to spend some quality time with Madelyn and it sure is going to be nice having an extra set of hands in the evenings when I'm alone.

The other noteworthy item....this weekend missy had her first professional photo shoot!  We won a photography contest and the prize was a photoshoot with the photographer, Susan Berman, that was holding the contest!  We know Madelyn is adorable, but it's sure fun to hear others say they think so too.  More on that to come when the photos are available.


Tami said...

Congrats on having "Grandma" come out to live. It will be so nice to have her handy and around to do girly stuff! Yes, we do need to get together. Let me know what weekday and let's just do it, dang it! Miss you!

Also, it looks like your Shutterfly is password protected, now. I miss looking at the pictures of your angel and family. Email me if it's something you care to share.

Hope you are well. As always, I can't believe how time flies in between visits... but I LOVE reading your blog and feel so connected through this.