Monday, November 9, 2009

Our Pun'kin

Holidays are so much more fun now that we have a little one.  They're WAY more work when you're the Mama, too....but it's so worth it.

This Halloween, Missy was a little young to really understand what was going on...and obviously we didn't go door to door, just to her various Grandmas and Grandpas...but it was so much fun just because Maddy is Maddy - and an adorable doll.

Knock, Knock, It's Me...Miss Ladybug!

Who needs candy, when they have a bink!?!?

Or grandma's walker?!?  That's much tastier than candy!

On one of our last sunny weekends, before the Great Flood Prep '09 began, Jim and I took our little Miss to the local pumpkin patch.  It was so much fun to watch her experience new things - she was quite taken with all of the pumpkins.  She liked banging her fists on them...or putting them in her mouth.   We decided to wait another year or two for the hay ride and the corn maze...but we had a fun afternoon nonetheless.


Martha H. said...

Oh my stinkin' cuteness!!!