Friday, October 30, 2009

Binky Baby

My baby is a binky lovin' fool.  When we first introduced her to them (WAY before we thought we would...), we really had no idea how much she'd love them.

Some folks continually caution us to take them from her now.  Personally, I don't have an issue with her loving them.  We'll deal with the ortho issues if they happen.  If.  As her Mama (and thus the ultimate rule maker, besides Daddy, of course), I'm okay with her having a "transitional" object.  She doesn't cling to a lovey all day long.  If her binky is her lovey, fine by me.

At our Pediatrician's recommendation, we keep several binkys in her bed at night, so that if she loses one, she has many to "find".  Consequently, I commonly wake her up to find a binky in her mouth and one in both hands.  It's pretty darn cute.

Her favorite binky related game is to have one of us put the binky in our mouth and let her grab it with her own (which is also the best way to get a sloppy baby kiss).  She's also quite fond of trying to figure out how to carry multiple binkys at once.

The lesson for my blog readers?  If you're every watching our daughter, a sure fire way straight into her heart is to come bearing binkys.

Wha? Wha?  Don't you be takin my binkys.  They're MINE!

How many binkys can I hold?  Two, three, ten???

I can stick them on the end of my finger too?  SAH-WEET!

Lemme try!

Oh binky, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways....


craigandstacy said...

We have at least one similar picture of our binky loving girl! It's a hard habit to break! She is so cute!

Angel said...

Miss Emmeline loves her soothie binky too...although she doesn't suck on it - just chews. And often on the small end. Go figure. Love all the pics!