Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heat Wave

If you're in or around the Puget Sound you may have heard, we're having record high temps - into the high 90s in the city and 100s in the outlying areas.

For a week.

In an area that doesn't air condition homes.

We put a thermometer in the munchkin's room last night....it didn't get below 80. Even at 4 in the morning. Even with all the downstairs windows open (which I never do. Never. One of my biggest fears is someone breaking into the house when Jim is gone and I'm there alone with the baby).

She and I took at least two cold showers last night, three the night before, just to get her cool enough to get her back to sleep.

If I won the lottery today, I wouldn't even leave town. I'd check into the poshest hotel with working A.C. I could find. Then I'd figure out what to do with my millions.

I'm thinking any big dollar purchases in the near future are going to include central air for our home....seriously....

Babies and heat just don't mix.

So tell me...what are you stay cool without A.C. when it's broiling tips? I've already tried the ice cube water bath behind the fan one....it didn't really help much. I'm curious what everyone else does.


craigandstacy said...

I'm soo sorry. We have central AC so I have no tips except to visit the mall or movies a lot. I feel so bad for moms of babies right now.

Martha H. said...

You poor, poor girl! I say at least get a window unit or something. I don't know what I'd do without the ac, but I do live in Utah where we are used to the heat.