Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Baby!

Spring has sprung in the Northwest! And so is my little baby!! She's growing sooo much, it's hard to believe that she's three months old, but when I look back at photos of her birth, I think so much has happened in the last three months, they've seemed like three years at times (I mean that in a good way :) ).

Madelyn rolled over for the first time on her three month birthday, but she's yet to do it again. We're still battling tummy issues and what to feed her. Breast milk seems to be doing okay, but she still throws up ALOT and has really bad gassy bouts that leave her crying inconsolably. We've tried rice cereal in her bottle on the recommendation of the pediatrician, but that hasn't helped. So, it would seem we're just going to be covered in puke till she grows out of it.

She's started a bit of a regular nap schedule (most days) - an hour in the morning and a couple of hours in the afternoon... I try to plan outtings around that, but mostly we just hang at home because we never know exactly when she's going to want to go down. If she doesn't get her nap when she needs it, we pay with some serious crying for the entire night. That's hard on Daddy and Mommy and Baby!

As promised, her three month "photo shoot". Jim hurt his back, so I was the one taking the shots, which is why they aren't as good :P The complete set is on our photo site (link is on the right hand side of the page ;) ) There's also a shot of our little bunny rabbit and one of her sleeping in her bouncy. That's generally how I find her sleeping if she's not swaddled. Spread eagle as best as a little baby can.
And....for those who don't get to see her every day - a video of her playing with her favorite friend, Mr Star.


Laurel said...

Look at her beautiful eyes! She's so adorable Heather. =)

Tami said...

MELT!!!! That baby is so dang cute, one could just put her on a cracker and eat her up! Love the videos- they are so fun to watch! Miss you!