Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm Leeeeeeeavin..

on a jet plane!!!

I'm going home to Idaho, yahoooooo!!!! I'm really looking forward to it. With the crazy events of this year, every single trip I planned to take home got cancelled - either because of a medical issue or bad timing.

Thankfully, my OB said I could fly home for Turkey Day - the conversation went something like this:

Me: "Dr. S, I really want to go home for Turkey Day"

Dr. S: "Well go long of a drive is it, two, three hours?" (She's from the South and came up here after Katrina)

Me: "Ummm, no - it's 9 hours driving in the winter, I'd like to fly, it's only an hour flight"

Dr. S: "And who exactly will be taking you to the airport?"

Me: "My honey, of course"

Dr. S: "And who will be picking you up?"

Me: "My dad, probably"

Dr. S: "And you promise not to life a single bag....and no carry ons except your purse?"

Me: "Absolutely"

Dr. S: "And you'll go to the local hospital and have them call me if a single thing even seems strange?"

Me: "Of course..."

Dr. S: "Well....okay then...but this is it, little lady - after this, I don't want you more than an hour from the hospital, in traffic!"

And with that....I'm off!!!!! And I'm especially excited that I'll get to see my BFF from high school. It's been YEARS since we've actually been in Idaho at the same time and were there long enough at the same time to be able to see each other! Although, I think it entirely unfair that we see each other when she's looking all hot (she's been working out like a fiend with her own personal chronicled in her heeeeeeelairous blog) and I'm 8 freakin months pregnant (and the only hot look I've got is the one I get when I'm having a hot flash).

She better not bail on me for our 20th High School reunion, she owes me now.

At any rate....Happy Thanksgiving my friends - despite the economy and the events of the world, we have a lot to be thankful for!