Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sugar n' Spice

and all things nice...
That's what little
are made of!!!
And we're excited....can you tell?!?! We found out just last week at our 18 week ultrasound that we're definately having a little girl....and we're just tickled pink! I'm already daydreaming about Mom and Daughter spa days, her first crush, painting our nails, baking cookies together...
And Jim just loves little girls. You'd think he'd wanted a boy...but he really adores little girls, even though he still calls her "Junior" when we're talking about her.
And I call her Maddy....because we've decided on a name, Madelyn Lorene
Little Miss Maddy wasn't very cooperative in the picture taking department at our ultrasound. It seems that already, much like her mother, she has quite the mind of her own. The US tech got all of the measurements needed and saw all of the parts she needed to see - the heart is in the right spot, the stomach is in the right spot, the bladder, the liver, etc, she is definitely a girl, the bones are forming correctly and Maddy apparently has amazing muscle tone (this had Jim VERY excited....I'm debating baby gear, he's debating Maddy's first sport). Maddy is a kicker...she was kicking and jumping around the entire time, which is why the actual picture taking was tough. The one and only shot of her face, she looks rather like an alian....but I know that'll change ;)
I'm definately starting to feel her move - it's got to be more than tummy troubles....and it's too low for tummy troubles anyway. That always excites me - and makes me feel a little strange, to know there's someone in there, for real!!!!
When we told Jordan, we asked her if she would babysit for us...and she said, "Yeah, maybe when she's 10..." at which point I reminded the kiddo that she'd be 30 when Maddy was 10. How's that for an age gap!!??!

She measured in at 8 inches and 10 ounces, which is about the size of a tomato:
That's what I've got going on in there.... SURREAL!!!

And now, without further ado....the latest pictures: