Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bunny Hop

For the weeks leading up to Easter, Madelyn carried around her "Here Comes Peter Cotton Tale" book (that played the song) and would "read" it to me while she bopped her head back and forth.  She used those head bopping maneuvers at church on Easter Sunday.

After having read the book over (and over and over and over and over) again, imagine her excitement when she actually got to hunt for those Easter eggs!  Though this is her third (!) Easter, its the first that she was actually aware of what was going on.  She had a taste of Easter egg hunting at her daycare providers house on the Thursday before Easter.  She could not be separated by that darned purple plastic egg for love nor money.

For me?!?  More eggs?!?!

On the Saturday before Easter Sunday, not only did Madelyn "help" make cupcakes, we had a bar-b-que with a couple of close friends and their children.  It was sunny and beautiful and Madelyn LOVED hunting for those eggs.  She also loved the candy she found in them and now walks around saying "cannee, cannnee".

What, you mean you're not supposed to eat the batter off the counter, Mama?

Easter Sunday was not as lovely - but we braved the chilly cold to go Easter egg hunting with her Clark cousins.  She *loved* it.

What she did not love was having Mama remind her that William's Easter basket was William's.  Not hers.

Turns out William doesn't like to share much either.  He does, however, love new soft things.  Especially if Mama lets him eat them.

Mama is a lame Mama and did not have her camera during any of the Easter egg hunting.  So, we'll have to wait for pictures from our friends and family to share those bits of fun.


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